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Book your Hotel anywhere in the world

With Ootrip, you can reserve hotel rooms all around the world in more than 10 000 destinations by comparing the prices of various hotelkeepers with our partners. Reduce the cost of your hotel reservation no matter the destination and take advantage of all year long promotions.

At the same time you will be able to participate in the forum to gather information about promotions and good plans for the hotel you are interested in. the community if full of users with invaluable experiences and travel advise.

Some tips to help you decide:

Look at the opinions of the customers who stayed in the same hotel

Asking as many questions and reading as many reviews in the forum about the hotel which you located is a major step before reserving an overnight stay. For that purpose, it is advisable to look for information within the community for invaluable information.

Make your reservation at the right time:

Is it necessary to reserve a hotel room well in advance or wait until you arrive?
If you leave during the tourist high season, do not take the risk of finding yourself without accommodation once there, validate your hotel room early. And even if you travel outside of the high season, it is all the same preferable to reserve early, this will allow you to avoid any unpleasant surprises (more available rooms, the price is not clearly shown in the hotel, you went to the most expensive hotel of the city without knowing it).

  And how long before your departure should you reserve a hotel?

As soon as possible. Indeed, if we look at the offers a few months before your departure, all the hotels still have available rooms and this allows you to take advantage of being able to choose the one you want and not simply the one that has space. If you leave during the high season in an area full of tourists, it is useless to hope to benefit from last-minute promotions.

Try to distance yourself slightly from tourist central or to avoid going on a trip during the high season

If you are not necessarily searching for accommodation within the city centre, a good hotel in a suburb slightly less visited grants you the chance to benefit from interesting prices and to discover an area which you would have otherwise never known existed. Just make sure that the location is not undeserved by public transport, or so far from the city centre, and the tourist attraction, that you lose all the money you gained in transport, or lose hours every day in the bus/train.

And otherwise, it is recommended to travel outside of tourist high season: the prices of the hotel room could easily be halved.

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