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Compare your holidays

With Ootrip, you are able to compare tour operator’s prices for all the tourist destinations in the world, allowing you to choose the duration, the range of your budget, and the destination. This process allows you to browse holiday packages organised from the cheapest to the most expensive, grouped by travel agent.

You can also participate in the forum to gather information about promotions and current plans that interest others. The community allows you to take advantage, learn about and exchange your experiences and travel memories.

Last minute tips to help you plan your holiday:

All-inclusive deals:

Holidays are a great opportunity to relax, rest and include moments for parents to please their children while taking advantage of their stay. Moments of family fun with all the details taken care of, which means no stressing or organisation required. An all-inclusive package can be a good option to really kick back and relax. Moreover, if you were to calculate all the included meals and activities, they generally result in a cheaper vacation.

Last minute:

The reservation of your trip 3 or 5 months in advance is not compulsory any more, and especially with deals that combine location, flight, etc can be more interesting financially speaking

The reason is rather simple. The on-line tour operators and the airline companies have an objective to achieve concerning the number of travellers whom they have to register from day to day. If they do not reach this goal, they are obliged to reduce price. At this moment, even the procedures of reservations are relieved. Consequently, it is the of “Last Minute” travellers that take advantage of it.

Low cost airlines:

The strategy of used by the low-cost companies consists of targeting the destinations, where they could have the biggest influx of the tourists or passengers. It depends on seasons, as well as on festive and tourist attractions. Tunisia is listed among the tops holiday destinations when considering low cost flights. Due to the recent political and social events the number of travellers to this country has been greatly reduced. This has resulted in a supply that greatly exceeds the demand, and therefore reduced prices.


There are numerous possibilities of accommodation for the holidays, but a stay in a youth hostel remains one of the cheapest, and is not reserved for the very young. The sleeping arrangement, or rooms, range from dormitories to single rooms. This leaves you the choice between meeting new people, sharing with friends or having your own space, just for you.

Holiday rentals:

A holiday rental is a special trick that allows you to travel cheaply. They normally offer relatively interesting prices due to lower costs and the fact that they can be shared with friends, couples or other families. This reduces the cost when compared to hotels and could also mean eating in less restaurants as you can use the kitchen to prepare your meals. The savings come down to organising your holidays with others, which allows you to share the cost of the trip.

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