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How to book your Flights for less ?

With Ootrip, you’re able to reserve your plane ticket for the route of your choosing to destinations all around the world. In order to facilitate the hassle of comparing between the various airline companies and the various tour operators, our search engine compares the price lists of the current flights for the route that you indicated, making the reservation of cheaper flights with Ootrip simply.

Which leaves just a few more tips that could help in making your trip a reality and cost you less than expected:

Purchasing you ticket in advance:

Buying your plane tickets early, as in a few months before departure, can greatly reduce the price paid. On top of the reduced price, and arguably more important, is the reduced risk of not finding any flights to your destination for the day and time that you require.

Off season trips:

Little lesson in economics: When the demand is superior to the offer, the prices increase. The great thing about this relatively simple relationship, is that it works in both directions. This means that when the offer is superior to the demand, the prices decrease. This becomes a little complicated once you start having children, as the school holidays chooses when you leave,

Go low-cost:

Ryanair, EasyJet, Wizzair, Jet4You, and the like allow you to fly the the same destinations as the big expensive companies. However, it is necessary to pay attention on the additional costs and the conditions of refund, but you can really save big. In general these companies are best used for short trips, when you will not need to bring any extra luggage and will therefore not have to pay any extra on top of that amazing advertised price. Finally it’s a good idea to check the airports used by these companies as they are normally a little further out of town than with a more expensive ticket.

Use the community to find great plans that other travellers have found:

For those who are not afraid of the thousands of virtual leaflets, it is possible to subscribe to the web sites of airline companies to receive the promotions by e-mail. Those who prefer to keep their new emails below 1000 per day can use the Ootrip forum to discuss and learn from the good/bad experiences of others.

Choose a return ticket:

Unless you manage to find a special promotion, your return flight is generally cheaper when the two flights are booked at the same time. Even, the flight-only is more expensive than the round trip. If you’re one of those lucky few, you may even find a return ticket that happens to be cheaper than the one way flight. No one really understands how/why this happens, but don’t question it, book it!

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