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With Ootrip, you are able to compare cruise operator’s prices for all the tourist destinations in the world, allowing you to choose the duration, the range of your budget, and the destination. This process allows you to browse cruise packages organised from the cheapest to the most expensive.

You can also participate in the forum to gather information about promotions and current plans that interest others. The community allows you to take advantage, learn about and exchange your experiences and travel memories, good and bad.

What you need to know about your cruise:

Book early:

Cruises are becoming increasingly available although these prices can vary greatly depending on the season, destination and the duration of the trip, but mostly depends on when you reserve it. Indeed the best choice you can make, once you’ve decided to book a cruise, is to reserve as soon as possible. Three to six months ahead should help you find some of the cruise of your dreams, while some companies have even gone so far as to allow reservations two years in advance!

Of course last minute deals can be found, but this is risky and you will have a relatively limited choice as to the destination and your cabin.

Destination and the price:

When booking a cruise, the destination can greatly influence the price. Included in this destination is the port where the adventure begins and ends. Most of the time it will end where it began and most of the time you will pay the normal price for these cruises. However, many companies lower their prices for cruises that go from one country and end in another because their boats are changing destination between seasons. Look out for these cruises and try to combine them with low cost flights or with a trip that you were already wanting to take. There’s nothing quite like crossing the Atlantic on a cruise ship when comparing it to being crammed into a plane.

Get informed about what’s included:

With cruises meals, entertainment, accommodation and activities are normally a given; however, supplements such as beverages, spa services, shore excursions and meals in certain restaurants will cost you a little extra. Avoid the surprise bill at the end and check what is already paid for.


Those prone to sea sickness are encouraged to speak to their pharmacist about motion sickness medication or bracelets. In fact even if you’re unlikely to feel nauseous, taking a small amount of medication with you could save you vacation. With this being said, the cruise ships today are big enough that most of the time you will forget that you are in fact in the sea.

Shore excursions:

These trips are an important part of any cruise, as they allow you to visit multiple countries in a relatively short amount of time. For this reason it is important to read up on all the available services, such as guided tours, tours in different languages, etc.

When you arrive at a port, it is possible to partake in a guided tour, a private tour, or to explore the city on your own.

Most of these excursions can and should be booked in advance to avoid disappointment when you arrive at the port and there is no more space.

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