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Find a discount for your Vehicle hire

With Ootrip, you are able to compare rental prices for all the tourist destinations in the world, allowing you to choose the duration, the range of your budget, and the destination. This process allows you to browse types of vehicles, included extras and compare between the offers available.

You can also participate in the forum to gather information about promotions and current plans that interest others. The community allows you to take advantage, learn about and exchange your experiences and travel memories.

Help with renting a vehicle:

Accurately assess your project:

Although it seems kind of obvious, a well-planned lease can help you avoid paying too much or finding you need more that you ordered, once it’s too late.

For this reason it is vital that you decide, beforehand, on the duration, distance and the number of people you will be travelling with. it also allows you to add/remove extra items that can dramatically increase the price of the rental.

Book ahead:

It is best to not put off booking your vehicle at the last moment, as availability, time and the destination of the vehicle could throw a spanner in the works of your well planned vacation.

With car rental urgency can often end up costing a fair amount more than a lease organised in advance.

Check before you drive:

Take a stroll around the vehicle with the rental agent, and make sure to point out all defects of the vehicle.

On the inside of the vehicle the same applied, but this time you will also check the fuel level, and confirm that the number of kilometres is the same as on the contract.

Finally looking over the contract quickly will allow you to avoid an expensive surprise when you return the vehicle to the agency.

For the young ones:

Make sure to search for information on the change in price for drivers under the age of 25. Personal experience has taught me that some agents like to hide this detail until you arrive and hand over your documents.

The price will in most cases be elevated for those under the age of 25 and no student card will help you here.

Finally, renting a vehicle normally demands that you have had your licence for at least one year.


Depending on the country you are travelling to, and the country where you got your licence, an international driving permit may be required. The exact requirements change from country to country and the tourist office or embassy can inform you whether or not one a permit is required.

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