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Welcome to Denmark


There is no shortages of picturesque destinations in Denmark, a country where the landscape is constantly changing, with ocean mists, hills and beautiful coastlines that each year attract hundreds of thousands of tourists.


Visiting the famous cemetery of the Alborg Vikings you will witness a legendary landmark in European history and discover that the renowned village in Denmark is still intact and remains unique in Europe. A trip to the amusement park Tivoli is essential to escape and de-stress. For lovers of art work and historical artefacts do not go past the open-air museums in Copenhagen, one of the major tourist attractions essential to visit in the country.

Surrounded by the North and Baltic seas, Denmark is a country perfect for summer holidays because of its landscapes and extreme beauty. With a coastline of individual forms and hills, that make this country a major European destination. For nature lovers, the vast expanses of lush terrain left uncultivated are ideal for relaxing and forgetting the unpleasantness of urban centres. The architectural beauty and incomparable decorative styles are just as remarkable as the environment it sits in.


Find your one of a kind hotel

Hotels in Denmark have a reputation of being relatively expensive but in truth you can find, without too much difficulty, many mid-priced hotels and even some that are quite cheap. What’s on offer is quite varied but the comfort and quality is normally on the money. Make your reservation as soon as possible if you are going in peak holiday season!

The luxury hotels are found in the big cities such as Copenhagen, Fyn and Jutland. Establishments here are accustomed to meeting the demands of an international clientele and will certainly meet your expectations. The peculiarity of each hotel varies from city to city, with each hotel possessing its own charm that differs from one place to another. In this way, a hotel in Copenhagen has a different style from one in Aalbory, which surprises many tourists.

Often, for those with are on a relatively limited budget, it is easier to hire motor-homes, in which the mobility will allow you to discover the whole country and to a degree of detail that your finances allow. This option allows you to travel outside the traditional patterns offered by tour operators.

Another alternative is to stay in youth hostels or holiday resorts where friendly hospitality is part of your stay. These places are a lot less expensive than the big hotels and are convenient for large families and adventures.

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