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Watch Netflix on holiday

Netflix is great, and being able to stream content to your phone or tablet when you are outside of your house is a feature that makes it all the better.

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Deal struck between Marriott Hotels and Netflix

But seriously, the family vacation where everyone is huddled around your brother’s smartphone for movie night is not really what many would call an enjoyable experience, except perhaps if it happens to be extremely cold outside. This is where the new deal struck between Netflix and Marriott Hotels comes in.  Guests staying at Marriott Hotels, at the moment not all hotels provide this service, will be able to continue watching their favourite series or films on a respectably sized screen simply by signing into their Netflix account.

At the moment this “easy to start up where you left off” show watching service is available in six hotels, with the service eventually arriving to almost every Marriott hotel in the US before the end of 2016.

But how?

Guests will use the internet enabled television in their room to sign into their Netflix account, without being charged for the internet access required to stream the content. This connection will then remain active for the duration of their stay. This means, for example, that after a three night stay in a Marriott hotel the act of checking out will automatically log out your account. Which means one less thing to worry about.

This is great for those who have a Netflix account, but that isn’t the entire population of Marriott Hotels’ guests. Not a problem. With a well-timed subscription to Netflix, guests will be able to benefit from a one-free-month-membership, which if cancelled before the first month is over, will incur no charges.

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