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These items could change the way you look at long-haul flights

Anyone who has flown in a plane for more than a few hours understands the discomfort and boredom that can be experienced. Those same people have thought of any way that a similar situation could be avoided, and that is where a few handy items can turn a painful flight into a flight where you no longer suffer from dehydration, swollen limbs and irritability.


The majority of the population use a smartphone. Which works perfectly well, until you decide to play a few games while waiting for your plane to board. The result of this innocent choice to keep yourself entertained could not usb-battery-packs2only
rob you of any subsequence entertainment during the flight, but also the ability contact your friends and family once you arrive at your destination. But this situation can easily be avoided with the use of USB battery pack. They conveniently come in different sizes depending on the amount of recharging you estimate you will require, as well as the amount of space you are willing to sacrifice.

Sticking to the entertainment side of the remedy for long flights is a good pair of noise cancelling headphones with an airline adapter. Purchasing the one without the other will unfortunately not yield the same experience as the two work together. A good pair of noise cancelling headphones will not only improve the cinematic experience of the films you choose but it will eliminate that wonderful droning noise which would otherwise drive you crazy. The headphone adapterairline adapter is as simple as its name suggests, it converts your standard 3.5mm stereo jack into a two prong airline style plug. Magic. An equally useful addition to this pair is earplugs. If a time should arrive when sleep seems more interesting than a movie it is considerably more comfortable to be able to remove your headphones and keep blocking out the noise around you.


Now that you can watch a movie with the headphones you chose, and without the intrusive noises experienced inside an aircraft cabin, your situation seems tolerable. You attempt to sleep and cannotpillow quite work out where to place your head. This is the moment where a travel pillow can save you from waking up at five minute intervals as you head falls to your chest. Yes, we have all experienced that pleasant nodding movement. Travel pillows work, can often be deflated to take up less space and allow an optimal sleeping position, or at least as optimal as can be achieved considering you are in a chair.

An item which remains slightly controversial, is a relatively small knee-defender-gadgetdevice known as the Knee Defender. This contraption locks onto the arms which hold up your tray, effectively blocking the passenger in front of you from reclining, thereby keeping your knees out of harm’s way. This item remains a solution that has a 50/50 chance of either solving your problem or making it a lot worse when you have to explain to your fellow voyager and the air hostess the manner in which you gained a few extra centimetres.

Socks. OK, compression stocking and that means you could end up wearing the same thing as your grandmother. These stocking which can prevent deep vein thrombosis in people that are sockssusceptible to the condition can be used by any passenger. Simple to find at your nearest pharmacy, these stocking will decrease the swelling of feet and ankles and results in faster circulation of the blood in the legs. The addition of compression stocking and hourly stretches results in a much more comfortable voyage.

In flight stretches:

Finally some small items that can be included into your clear sealable plastic bag. Headache medication, moisturiser, lip medicinebalm and alcohol wash. Simple items that shouldn’t require any introduction, but can combat against the effects of sitting in a plane for the better part of a day. In the end it doesn’t matter how many movies you are able to catch up on while confined to your seat, if the journey is an uncomfortable one you are unlikely to enjoy the experience.

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