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The camper seduces numerous travellers

For touring vacation, the camper seduces numerous travellers. This mode of travel and accommodation indeed presents several advantages: it saves you money, as it is considerably cheaper than a hotel; it allows you to move around and see different places every day; everything you need is always with you.

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But travelling in a camper is not for everyone, and those that try it should follow a few simple guidelines. First of all, even if you are free and autonomous, it is a good idea to remember that you are not allowed to park and sleep wherever you want.

There are specific places reserves for camping cars and they fit into one of two categories: Campsites, obviously, these areas will allow you to park and set up camp as well as make use of all of the services they provide; rest areas, or specially designated parking lots which is there just for camping cars and no one else.

The camper : all the places you will stop

Other place where you will stop, and by stop you should not interpret have a holiday, but simply a place that has been organised for you and your camper. These areas provide you with everything you will need for the maintenance of your vehicle, including filling water tanks, draining waste water and the charging of batteries.

This maintenance is essential so that your camper works without problems, and for this reason these maintenance areas are available in most campsites and rest areas as well The autonomy of your camper will be around four days.

This means that you will need to take into account this deadline if you leave for a rather isolated area.

Improve the length of time your batteries

But four days is a rough guideline, and certain actions can help to improve the length of time your battery and water lasts: turn off the water while you are brushing your teeth (although you should be doing this at home as well), the use of the disposable crockery can greatly reduce the amount of water that is used due to the illuminated washing up afterwards, win-win and avoid the energy hungry devices that will draw heavily on the battery such as the television !

You should be enjoying nature anyway, so that’s probably not a problem. Finally, inquire with city halls to know the conditions of traffic.

Certain municipalities forbid the access to the city centre in campers, especially during summer.

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