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The bikini that tells you when enough is enough

Spinali Design. You might not know of this French swimsuit designer, but come summertime and you manage to spend all day on the beach without the usual holiday sunburn, this year you’ll know who to thank.

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Just in time for your summer vacation arrives a bikini that will look after you while you lounge in the sun. The Bikini Connecté or connected bikini monitors your exposure to UV rays through a built in sensor.

This waterproof sensor will then alert the wearer via the mobile phone as to when it is time to cover up. Or a more exiting option is the ability to send the alert to another mobile asking for a new layer of sun cream. A nice little touch aptly named the valentine function.

The sensor while being waterproof is also removable, thanks to the small clasp located on the bottom half of the bikini. This sensor is capable of monitoring and informing the users of both android and iOS devices with an app that uses information on the skin type of, and provided by, the user.

If the idea of a sensor located on your bikini does not seem particularly appealing, Spinali has on offer a beach towel that contains the same sensor. Both of these devices are available for sale from their website.


Installing updates…

It was the French who launched the modern bikini in 1946 and they’ve decided that it needed a slight update to bring it into the 21st century. But this new bikini is not only futuristic but also ordered to the wearers specifications.

From a custom fitting to the choice of a photo or phrase printed into the interior of the bikini, every wearer can feel unique and achieve the perfect shade of tan without running the risk of sunburn.

Spinali Design – Connected Bikini

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