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Success continues for Unseen Tours

Wandering around a new town while on holiday can be great, but finding out you missed out on all the greatest attractions kills the excitement you once felt. That is where a guided tours come in, and who knows a city and its streets better than someone who lived on them.


Unseen tours offers people the chance to experience a visit that is unlike any guided tour you’ve taken before. A completely different perspective combined with touching stories from real people, who will entertain and show you a London you never knew existed. What we’re talking about are tours where your guide is homeless or ex-homeless but vulnerably housed.


This social enterprise runs daily tours in six different areas, including: Brick Lane, Camden, London Bridge and Shoreditch. Each of these areas have guides that are specialised and have experienced life in and around the same route as the tour. These guides receive 60% of ticket revenues which makes this a win-win situation for everyone taking part in these tours, which last around an hour and 45 minutes.


The company behind Unseen Tours, The Sock Mob, started down this route in 2010 and hasn’t looked back since. This last year alone has seen the interest in the project erupt with more than twice the number of bookings compared to the previous twelve months.


The Sock Mob continues to help many people with their attitude of not believing in the “limitations of labels and negative stereotypes.  Instead we seek to give a platform to people who unfortunately are or have lived on the streets to show the positive contributions they make like other employees and entrepreneurs working to make London the world’s capital.”

More information about this initiative can be found at: http://sockmobevents.org.uk/

The tour:

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