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peruThe quest for the mythical El Dorado attracted the conquistadors to Peru with their thirst for wealth and power. Today the legends of Inca treasures still exist, but it is no longer the gold which fascinates the adventurers: it is the stone, drawn up in haughty mountains, the sacred valleys, and Naturally Machu Picchu and a Cusco, the former capital of the Inca Empire.


ecuadorLocated between Colombia and Peru, lies Ecuador, a country that extends from the Pacific to the Amazonia by stepping over the Andes, or the Sierra. Ecuador offers a surprising pallet of landscapes and cultures. The Indians of the Sierra widely preserved their Andean customs, while the people of the coast seem closer to Caribbean customs.


boliviaBolivia, saturated with life, colours, parties, breath-taking landscapes and skies of a rare purity, really is Latin America such as you imagine. The gigantic size of Titicaca, the luxurious summits of the Royal mountain range or the volcanic cathedrals of the park Amboro; the colonial city of Sugar and the baroque churches are just some of the wonders that await you in this land you dreamed of when you were a child.


chileChile is a magnificent and underestimated country. This slender strip of land measures about 4 300 km, which stretches under a sky pure and riddled with stars is full of unbelievable diversity, wild landscapes and the worlds driest desert, with less than 0.01 cm of rain per year!


brazilMore than a country in South America, Brazil is a continent within the continent taking up roughly 8 512 000 km ². From the infinite Amazon to the colossal falls of Iguaçu, in Brazil nature reaches the extremes in all directions, and it’s something spectacular to behold.

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