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Sláinte! (“slaan-sha”) to Ireland

Ireland is on the border of North West Europe, its situation makes it quite insular which creates a large part of its charm. Its people, its history, its atypical landscapes, its culture and individual identity make it one of the most prized tourist destinations. Renowned for its magnificent scenery, the most western of the British Isles, Ireland is one of the most interesting tourist destinations in Europe.


St. Patrick bids you a hearty welcome

Its irresistible charm that it has inherited, of course, by generous Mother Nature has lavished it over time with incredible morphology, making majestic cliffs and plateaus, but also brilliant civilisations that have succeeded each other in the course of history and shaping the island during the height of its ambition.

To enjoy the beauty of the Ireland start by exploring its capital, Dublin. Built along the beautiful River Liffey, the city is a reservoir of historic buildings that you will be able to admire while taking the time to stroll through the streets. Doing this you will discover, without difficulty, a whole ensemble of architectural styles dating from the eighteenth century, as well as the splendid Georgian castles on the cities edge.

After Dublin continue your visit of the country to discover the picturesque fishing hamlets that line the south-eastern coast of the island and the famous crystal factories in the little town of Waterford. For a glimpse of the majestic Irish mountain landscapes go down to the south-west to Eire where the chains of “Knockmealdowns” and “Galtee” create a serene hazy atmosphere of heaven.


Welcoming, quaint accommodation

Hotels in Irish cities like Dublin, Belfast, Galway, Cork, and Waterford and even in smaller town are always welcoming with their customary warm Irish culture. All prices are on offer depending on different budgets and needs. For your accommodation in Ireland there are many options available outside of normal hotels.

The very popular choice remains the famous Bed and Breakfasts, especially as they exceed all other options in terms of quality/price. B&Bs are situated throughout the country, each with its own character and appeal.

As a general rule B&B rooms cost around forty euros per night, which is still quite affordable. The only inconvenience with this option is the restriction on capacity as each establishment can only offer on average 3-6 rooms. To easily find the best B&Bs you should consult the list published by the Irish tourism office.

Aside from the B&B there are other options such as the more rustic farmhouses that are available. With this you can enjoy the fun of the farm for close to the same price as a B&B.

Ireland as seen by the birds:


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