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Set sail for Portugal

If you were to describe the best things of Portugal, its beaches would be up there. The capital Lisbon as well as Porto are port cities that have beaches and a climate conducive to great beach holidays.


History, beaches and good wine

In saying this, Lisbon is equally known for its castles, whilst Coimbra, the third largest city in the country, is home to remarkable historical and cultural sites such as the monastery of the Holy Cross and the Museum of Art.

The Algarve, a region located in the south of Portugal is known not only for its mountains but also for its bathing facilities and is where you will find the most beautiful beaches in Portugal.

The archipelago of Maderia is another destination with its islands originating from volcanoes, known for the health benefits with its black sand and in addition is known for its popular wines.

So even located quite far from the continent, it definitely merits a visit and as with many of the cities in Portugal, the youth are more than capable of conversing with tourists in English.


Mi casa es su casa

For your holiday in Portugal, you can choose from several types of accommodation that vary from the municipal campsites to luxury hotels.

In large cities like Lisbon, Porto, Coimbra, Guarda, Portalegre, you will have no trouble finding a hotel to suit your budget.

For a few tens of euros for a double room, you can find hotels such as Mariaalva Park Hotel in Coimbra, a hotel of good quality and very comfortable with a price that includes breakfast and numerous amenities.

In Lisbon and Porto, you can find hotels of the same type but at higher price. It should, of course be noted that in high season and during religious festivals, there is a large influx of tourists that entice hotels to increase the price of their services by about 30%.

Other forms of accommodations such as youth hostels and bed and breakfasts are also available in Portugal for backpackers and budget holidays.

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