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River cruises cancelled due to water

The change in climate is a rather disturbing phenomenon that effects our daily lives and has now begun to affect your holiday plans and the income of river boat organisers in Europe. Changes in the weather have resulted in flooding and water levels that do not allow the safe boarding of boats. For this reason river boat operators have recently been overwhelmed by cancellations and rebookings.

flood water

This year the rainfall has been uncharacteristically heavy, resulting in heightened water levels in through parts of Europe, including Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Czech Republic and Germany.

This rainfall has harmed more than the local tourism, as the populations that inhabit these areas have been forced to evacuate in fear of their cities being completely submerged. In terms of the cruises, those running their routes along the Dunabe and Main Rivers were the worst affected, along with those making use of the Main-Danube Canal.

The president of the Uniworld Boutique River Cruise Collection, Guy Young stated that, “This is the worst flooding that we have experienced in the 20 years we have been operating river cruises. This historical flood and the impact on our cruises has certainly been an anomaly.” This after the estimated loss in income came back at over four million euros.

This heavy financial loss is due to not only the cancelled cruises, but also a responsible response to the problem by the cruise operators. The companies involved have really put in the effort to help the customer, with cruise credits, covering customer air change fees, and other compensation. An impressive reaction in a difficult situation.

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