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Quebec, the cultural melting pot

Throughout the months of January and February a festival takes place. The Carnaval de Quebec, which started in 1893, brings together young and old for the snow, creating a surprisingly warm and friendly atmosphere in Quebec.


What to do

The festivities are accompanied by activities such as dog sledding, snowmobiles, hiking and skiing in the 150 resorts available in Quebec.

Quebec’s national day is celebrated on the 24th June and is held parallel to the international jazz festival in Montreal in June and July.

Whilst admiring the wolves and the bears, tourists can indulge in fishing for salmon in the freshwater streams or observe the whales that frequent the area. Bic Park consists of a rugged landscape where you can see the many ducks and seals.

The city of Montreal, the village of Tadoussac and the archipelago of Mingam and the Gatineau reserve all merit a visit. Tadoussac is a natural haven where you can admire the calm whales and visit the Mingam islands which are home to over 200 species of birds.


A place to call home

There are several hotels in each star category that will offer a high level of service to their customers.

For a holiday in Quebec between July and September it is advised to make a reservation in advance, as the summertime plus the festivals bring on heavy crowds.

Amongst some of the hotels there are The Sepia, located in the old Quebec City just at the entrance and the Chalet de Montmorency, thirty kilometres out of the city which is located precisely on the heights of Mont Sainte-Anne.

A choice can be made between many of the downtown hotels such as Delta. Best Western, Clarendon, Hilton, Chateau Frontenac, Saint Paul, Priori, Courtyard Marriott, Clos Saint-Louis and the Auberge Saint-Antoine.

For the majority of the establishments, such as the ones listed above in Quebec is it quite difficult to decide on one as they have an excellent level of service across the board. There are some small differences between each that you can discover during your stay or from information at the office of tourism when you arrive.

The Winter Festival:

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