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australiaSydney is a key destination for any visitor. This modern city is located in a magnificent bay and is renowned for its excellent quality of life. It also happens to be the capital of New-South Wales and attracts visitors from all countries.

New Zealand:

new zealandWith its mix of natural beauty and friendly people the two land masses that make up New Zealand are well worth the journey to the other side of the globe. Once there the amazing food and wine allow you to carbo load for a day of hiking, swimming and lounging on the beach.


hawaiiBreath-taking views, flowers in the air and around your neck, this amazing island (group of islands) with its warm waters and friendly people entices many travellers, and for good reason. From whales to volcanoes there are years’ worth of activities for romantic and family getaways.

New Caledonia:

new caledoniaAn authentic land full of contrasts and heavenly beaches. As an island with a French culture, the cuisine found on the island is understandably delicious. Once you’ve made it away from the table you’ll find numerous activities in this sport lovers’ paradise. With choices ranging from golf and hunting o dry land to sailing and diving in the clear blue waters.


fijiThis small collection of island is perfect for hiking, exploring reefs and living the island life dream. The local people are well known for being welcoming and their easy-going attitude creates an amazingly relaxing atmosphere

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