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united statesA country made for road trips, with more than six million kilometres of highway to explore. While making your way across the country full of big cities, bright light and big food, the cultural differences from state to state allow you to take in varied forms of art, music and landscapes.


canadaImpressive mountains, glaciers and forest await you in the land overly friendly people. You know that when the worst thing the internet can mock you for is your kindness, you’re doing something right as a country. This monster of a country is the second biggest on the globe, and this huge mass of land is full of interesting cuisine, wildlife and natural beauty.


mexicoA mythical country in Latin America, full of civilizations pre-dating the Hispanic culture, adventure, revolution, exoticism and many joyful and colourful celebrations. Its capital Mexico City, and the rest of the country is cosmopolitan, noisy, bubbling, and fascinating.


cubaIn the centre of the biggest archipelago of the Caribbean, lies Cuba with its unique crocodile shape. The country comprises hundreds of kilometres of pearl coloured beaches, mountain ranges tinted olive green by the rain forests, and the cities that still adorn themselves with Spanish-colonial architecture, which the time and weather have hardly altered.


greenlandThe world’s largest island, which is geographically part of North America, but is considered ethically, politically and culturally associated with Europe. Although it is huge, as far as islands go, it also happens to be the least densely populated country in the world. This land of magnificent scenery displays Mother Nature at her purist with few roads and fewer people. A must see for those wanting to escape the hustle and bustle of the big cities.

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