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Nisos Kriti, otherwise known as Crete

Crete as a holiday destination is an experience of being under then sun and absorbing the history of the island that has seen many civilizations. Crete is also the place of a unique reserve of flora and fauna, such as the turtles of Crete, the Caretta-Caretta.


Mother nature got it right

Sunny all year round and lined with beaches with the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean Sea, the island of Crete in recent years has become one of the top seaside destinations. The “Samaria Gorge” is an area with steep escarpments that are some of the most impressive valleys in Europe and is one of the great attractions of the island.

The rugged terrain is perfect for trekking and climbing enthusiasts. The island’s completely unique geographic situation, which explains why the island in antiquity was highly sought after.

A good number of archaeological remains retrace the history of the great Minoan civilization that ruled the island and still are visible and well worth the detour, such as the famous example of the Knossos palace. After having appreciated the beauty of the historical monuments, spend the rest of your vacation in the southern part of the island.


Find your piece of Crete

Hotels in Crete are not lacking and are dedicated to the tourist population seeking the sun, seaside activities, and archaeological discoveries of the island. You will find a high level of facilities and a great welcoming quality in the hotels ranging from premium hotels to very accessible ones.

All locations on the island such as Georgioupolis, the capital Heraklion and Kavros, Apokoronas and Missiria are all equipped with accommodation facilities adequate enough to welcome the thousands of tourists who arrive on the island, most notably in summer.

Generally, most of the hotels offer packages with a week’s half-board from a few hundred euros to just under a few thousand euros depending on the category and type of services on offer. Depending on the season and how early reservations are made, it is possible to find rooms for around fifty euros in the vicinity of the capital Heraklion.

If you want to enjoy the panorama of this paradise and its bathing waters it is advised to find accommodation close to the beaches like the bay surrounding Malia, not far from Heraklion. Finally, it is advisable to book your room at least six months in advance if you plan to spend your holidays on the island in summer.

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