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Move the weather with Stockholm airport

Stepping off a plane and immediately regretting your choice of clothing is an experience that happens all too often when travelling to another country. But not for long, and not for passengers parting from Arlanda airport in Stockholm.


An installation in the Arlanda airport, terminal 5, aptly named the Climate Portal allows passengers to travel to their destination at the push of a button. Travel in terms of their destination’s weather that is.

Beam me up Scotty

The system created by Studio Noc. Dev Malhotra, uses an internet connection to provide passengers with one of three experiences, depending on the cubicle chosen and the live data received from the destination. These three cubicles: hot, cold and big allow the destination’s climate to be transported to passengers through the use of wind generators, temperature controllers and sensory cues.


Throughout the day three rooms will simulate the environment currently being experiences on other parts of the globe depending on the door that you enter in the impressive gleaming booth. Hot for hot climates, cold for the more chilly, and big for the experience of being in one of the mega-cities of the world such as Hong Kong.

This otherworldly travel is available until the end of august allowing everyone to arrive at their destination with exactly what they need in their luggage.

The climate portal:

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