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How to organize your family holiday?

To make a success of your family holiday, you will need to choose a destination. To decide between renting in the countryside, a campsite near the sea, a chalet in the mountain or a journey abroad will depend of course on your budget, on what it is you like and of course the age of your children.

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Before a dozen years, they will doubtless prefer the outdoor activities to museums. To visit a capital with very young children can be a fair amount more complicated than staying by the sea. But even there, every family is different. And to please everybody, it is always possible to make compromises and to choose a destination that pleases everyone. Anyway, no need to fly away at the other end of the world to offer yourself a refreshing break.


Leave without ruining itself


The holidays offer a break from your everyday life and strengthen the family links, but that doesn’t mean emptying the bank account in order to get away. For your holiday rental, it is often preferable to rent a house between friends and/or family.

To rent an apartment or a holiday cottage will almost always be cheaper than a hotel and you will be able to prepare food for not only while you are there, but when you leave for day trips as well. This means you save money and your kids get the food they want.


Make lists

Once the destination has been chosen, the fun and organising can really begin! It is necessary to prepare suitcases and to make sure nothing gets forgotten, no one either.

No panic! The key to success: delegate and note everything. Several weeks before the departure, draw up three lists. A list of things to be taken, to be bought and to be made before leaving.

Some are more important than others. For example, do not forget to update your vaccinations for more exotic destinations.

Once finalized, it is a question of delegating a parts of lists to every member of the family. The organising is just as much of a part of the vacation as the actual trip itself. Make it seem exiting and the kids will want to join in.


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