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Hockey and Maple syrup, welcome to Canada

Extending over 9 984 670 km2, Canada is a vast country with ample attractions such and hiking, fishing and winter sport, just to name a few. To the west you will find the Rocky Mountains, the famous mountains known worldwide, and to the east is the imposing great Niagara Falls.


Scenic landscapes

If you want to see the scenic landscapes, glaciers and icy tundra, visit the northern part of the country.

The Canadian mountains are well suited for winter sports and visitors can relax in one of the 150 resorts spread across the country.

For hiking enthusiasts, head in the direction of the mountainous region of Ontario. There you will be able to explore the natural sites by trekking or camping in the high peaks of Mont Tremblant and the Gaspésie Park, all of which can be found in Quebec, as well as Killarney in Ontario.

For tourists who prefer rivers and waterfalls, a tour of the Kejiumkujik national park, situated in Nova Scotia is advised. Streams and rivers provide a variety of physical activities such as kayaking, canoeing and rafting. For those who prefer a summer vacation in order to enjoy the beaches in Canada, nothing beats the east coast of the country in the regions of Nova Scotia and New Glasgow.


Where to stay

Large cities such as Ottawa, Quebec, Montreal and Toronto are the most visited tourist areas of Canada and is also where the cost of living is most expensive.

If you stay in Quebec, do not miss the great annual carnival, which mixes folk songs and dances, as well and the famous ice sculpture exhibition.

A major cultural event that you can attend is the International Jazz Festival held in Montreal. Montreal is also a place where you can find prestigious hotels and restaurants as well as luxury residences.

Canadian hotel establishments are many and varied and have lower rates during the low season which is in spring and autumn.

Most tourists, who have an average sized budget, can opt for inexpensive hotels or motels, whose rates are easily affordable. If you’re looking to save further, keep in mind that food and restaurants generally cost less in Canada than in Europe.

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