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Good dawning to thee from England

With more than 50 millions inhabitants, England stands out for it phlegmatic image and the typically English tradition where its nocturnal festivities are amongst its priorities. London, its capital is often associated with major art exhibitions but also displays the culture and customs in each of its regions.


One of the four that make up the UK

England is one of the countries that along with Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland make up the United Kingdom. These destinations offer pleasant landscapes where valleys, rivers, castles and stone walls create a harmonious discourse with nature.

Many “British” culinary traditions are kept well guarded in British culture, such as the traditional English breakfast, which consists of eggs, bacon, black pudding and sausages which remains a pure tradition of English cooking. However British food today is being strongly influenced by Indian cuisine and cooking.


Towns centred on tradition

London offers a contrast of two very different faces: one that is highly developed, and the other that has crammed houses in poor neighbourhoods. Even so there are plenty of historic sites, of which some are St Paul’s Cathedral, Westminster Abbey and Buckingham Palace.

There are a number of parks, shops and flea markets that are among some of the features of the city of London. Boutiques line the streets of the chic quarters, but when meandering through the streets you can easily discover the work of the English craftsmen.

Oxford, the place for students to go, is home of the prestigious University of Oxford and its impressive architecture.

Very centred on tradition, York is a historical city known for its struggles against Roman, Saxon and Viking occupation. Moreover, the medieval fortifications and narrow streets bear witness to the centuries full of history and culture.

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