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Gansbaai, South Africa and diving with sharks

Journey approximately two hours outside of Cape Town and you could find yourself face to face with one of nature’s most beautiful, and frightening, creatures.


With a shark?

This full-day excursion, which places you up close and personal with great white sharks as well as dolphins, whales, seals and penguins, starts off with breakfast and a short briefing before you are whisked away on a boat ride to Shark Alley located between Dyer Island and Geyser Rock.

At this stage you have learned about sharks, been fitted for you diving gear and boarded a boat that will bring you closer to your encounter with a great white shark. Once an optimal spot has been chosen by the captain of the boat, the sharks within the vicinity of Geyser rock and its abundance of Cape Fur seals, will be attracted towards the boat using bait. This is the moment that you climb into the water thanks to the cage attached to the side of the boat. This could also be the moment that you wish that you had purchased one of the packages that did not include climbing into the cage but the equally amazing chance to admire the wildlife that is visible while on board of the boat, which remains anchored for approximately two hours.

Once you return to dry land, this exhilarating experience can be relived thanks to a professional video, documenting your once in a lifetime encounter, which is available for purchase.

The experience that awaits:

What’s included?

  • Breakfast, snacks, lunch
  • Diving gear
  • towels

When, what, how?

The full day adventure will cost approximately R1500, with the possibility to add certain optional extras to the package such as return transport, digital camera rental, and video footage captured throughout the day and throughout your encounter. The trip is equally possible without entering the water, but instead remaining on the boat.

An alternative to the organised transport is to drive yourself through to Gansbaai. This scenic voyage passing through Strand, Betty’s Bay with its penguin colony and eventually on to Gansbaai which rests 30 minutes after Hermanus.

As for the time of the year, the great white sharks are visible all year round, with an increase in underwater visibility between March and September. The number of sharks within the area increases during the winter months due to the water temperature.

Persons prone to sea sickness are encouraged to speak to their pharmacist about motion sickness medication.

Scuba qualifications are not required.

There’s more than just sharks in Gansbaai:

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