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From the colosseum to pizza, off to Italy!

Italy, a country rich in architecture and the arts has a history dating back three millennia and is a country that can trace the history of humanity within its own history. As a result, Italy today has become an all-inclusive tourist destination, which even in all of its diversity has become one of the most recognisable countries in the world. Today Italy is not only recognised for its culture and history but has become a global capital of Fashion with one of its big cities Milan.


Rome, the Italian capital is one of the ancient cities whose notoriety has existed for thousands of years. Decorated in prestigious architecture of the Roman civilization, Rome is a magical destination that welcomes millions of tourists each year.

Moreover who does not know Venice? The famous Italian city that was built on water. In Venice browse the hundreds of canals in gondolas and enjoy the splendour of the city in a group, or with a lover. Venice is a leisurely and tranquil city most appreciated by its visitors.

Furthermore, Venice offers an exceptional setting, and it is for this very reason that Venice has a reputation as the ideal destination for honeymooners.

Finally there is Florence, Naples…In short, there are many cities and places you will have the opportunity to visit and so many wonders that you can rave about during your stay in Italy.


Hotels in Italy

Italy, being a touristic country is highly visited; the Italian cities are abundant with many places to stay including luxury hotels. The prices for each hotel can vary greatly from one to another according to the grandeur of the hotel, the number of stars, and equally by the city you are in. Italian hotels are classified by the five star categories: 1 star to 5 star (Luxury)

As a result, prices are very high in the cities most visited by tourists, but become more affordable in other cities. Nevertheless, to make the most of reduced rates and to save more it is best to choose the cities quite far from major tourist towns, or to take advantage of weekend rates.

But for those who can afford the grande hotels, there is no lack of them in Rome, Milan and Naples, like the Hotel Boscolo, Valadier…

These hotels will make your stay an unforgettable adventure in splendour and refinement.

Many hotels will suggest activities for you to do and monuments to visit when you are in hotels in Rome and in Naples. Summer is the high season in Italy and therefore reservations should be made in advance, some interesting offers can appear at the last minute, however it is ideal to book several months before you leave.

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