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France, not just about Paris

Known worldwide for the finesse of its cuisine, the refinement of its haute couture and the flavours of their wines, France contains more than the tourist treasures it is known for and should not be limited to these simple clichés. France is truly a cultural journey that tourists should prepare themselves for.

France tours

Magical towns

To get a feel for France you still need to explore all the famous tourist spots in the country, of course starting in the French capital Paris. Nicknamed by its inhabitants as “the City of Light”, Paris is so full of attractions and illustrious monuments, simply wander the streets and roads to see these essential places which you will remember forever.

After visiting the number one tourist city in the world, continue your journey of discovering the French cultural heritage along the Loire valley from where you can visit the most imposing castle in France: the Château de Chambord. Take a turn to the charming “City of the Popes”, Avignon, and with any luck you can catch one of the annual festivals of theatre and dance that are the hallmark of the city.

Meanwhile, the lovers of resorts should head to the Côte d’Azur on the eastern part of the French coastline to indulge in activities like sunbathing at the beach in summertime, whilst fans of ancient ruins and bullfighting descend onto Nimes to admire the Roman ruins and above all enjoy the atmosphere of the exhilarating “Fair.”


Where to stay

Whether you seek a hotel in the cities of France like Paris, Toulouse, Marseille, Lyon, Nantes, Lille, Chambery, Le Havre, Toulon, Montpellier, Rennes, Strasbourg… or in the small country towns, or even on the coast, you will find a complete hotel network capable of responding to the demands of the growing tourist numbers.

Most of the big names in all hotel categories are well established in many regions in France, so it is not at all too difficult to find accommodating in the tourists areas like Paris or the cities close to the seaside resorts of the Côte d’Azur.

Even with a multitude of accommodation options it is important to take precautions and book well in advance if you decide to visit France in summer, otherwise you might risk being left out in the cold. In terms of prices, be aware that prices are obviously not the same across all cities.  In Paris for example, hotels can be a little more expensive that other parts of the country, but in any case, they can be much more reasonable than prices in other European capitals.

So you can easily find rooms for only fifty euros, or thereabouts, per night on the outskirts of Paris if you ring on the right doors. Also, based on the category of the accommodation, it is not uncommon for rates to range between sixty euros to more than two hundred and fifty euros a night.

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