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Five escorted off an EasyJet flight in Ibiza

A holiday on the magical island of Ibiza is something that many dream about. This Mediterranean island is well known for its beauty and beaches, but the main attraction is the night life, which is why many make the trip over to the island for its party friendly atmosphere. Five men, on a flight from Bristol England, however, decided that the good times should start before landing at the destination.


In order to kick-start their trip, the group of five men decided to start drinking while still in the air. This isn’t a problem, except for the fact that passengers are limited to one alcoholic beverage each. The poor flight attendant, whose job it was to inform the gents of the limit in place, was from then on abused for the duration of the flight.

The news of this disruptive behaviour made its made to the captain and upon arrival in Ibiza the plane was boarded by the Spanish police who escorted the alleged troublemakers off of the plane before allowing the rest of the passengers to disembark. A great start to their holiday, I’m sure.

This year the number of alcohol related incidents aboard planes has increased by more than 40%, when compared to the same period last year. But EasyJet refuses to let incidents such as these continue with a spokesman for the company saying that “We (EasyJet) have a duty to ensure the safety and well-being of all on board… We do not tolerate abusive or threatening behaviour on board and always push for prosecution.”

Better times on an EasyJet flight:

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