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Feast on culture and history in mother Russia

Russia offers many attractions for tourists such as hiking, mountaineering and walking that can be done in Caucasus, the Kola Peninsula and Karelia. You can also cycle along the renowned cycling circuit from Moscow to St. Petersburg and ski on Mount Elbrus.


The Kremlin and more

On top of these activities you can also visit the city of Sochi, the venue of the 2014 Winter Olympics, where you will find a seaside resort on the eastern shore of the Black Sea.

Make sure you visit the big cities in Russia, like the capital Moscow, especially famous for the Kremlin with its cathedrals, the Great palace of the Kremlin and the Red Square. In the city of St. Petersburg visit the Hermitage Museum, Peter and Paul Fortress and the sights along Nevsky Prospekt.

In the city of Novgorod you will find monuments like the Palace of Facets and the Museum of Art History.

However a great way to see Russia is via the Trans-Siberian line, or on the River Volga.


A place to lay your head

In order to enjoy your holiday in Russia you must book in advance and obtain the necessary invitations for your visas to allow you entrance into Russia.

Amongst the hotels, we would recommend the Hotel Pushka Inn located in St. Petersburg, the Hotel Minsk or the Hotel St. Petersburg: Andersen for those on tighter budget.

There also exists hotels that belong to the State embassies, but to obtain a reservation you must know a Russian and get them to make the booking for you.

Home stays and hostels are not yet very developed in Russia and the price is quite exorbitant, although you benefit from having the opportunity to get to know some of the local people.

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