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franceFirst tourist destination of the world, the “city of lights” is the economic and cultural capital of France and receives a continuous flow tourists that arrive to admire the cultural magnificence of the city.


spainWith an amazingly well preserved history of artists and writers, Spain is a must for those who long to lose themselves in a museum or simply wandering the streets with their Moorish architecture.


italyThe Eternal city, Rome, is the capital of Italy. It is a fascinating city, being the most populated and the most dynamic of all the municipalities of the country. A peculiarity of Rome is the presence of the Vatican City, a walled enclave, within the city.

United Kingdom:

United-KingdomMany visitors will find their way to London eventually, for its history, art, culture and amazing night-life. Although Whales, Scotland and Northern Ireland have more than their fair share of castles and stories of queens and princes.


germanyYes, there’s Oktoberfest. But besides this, and many other festivals, Germany is a place with breath-taking countrysides, quaint villages, castles and activities ranging from a night of classical music to exploring Berlins underground night-life.

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