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Dover-Calais Ferries start up again

Victim of incidents in the port of Calais, the company of ferry DFDS Seaways has decided to suspend its route to Dover.


“On Saturday evening, one of our ships, Malo Seaways, was the target of distress flares, one of which touched our ship”, explained a spokesman of the Danish company. “After this incident and in concern for the safety of our staffs, our ships, and also our passengers, we decided to suspend all trips to Calais until further notice”, he added.

This meant that all passengers were being transferred to the Dover-Dunkirk route after the diversion of extra ships for the increased capacity. This was while the DFDS Seaways could talk things out with the French Department of Transport.

Today the situation has improved, with the case being handed over to the police and the Dover-Calais route being reopened. This after no further information as to who fired the flare, or for what purpose. However, the company feels that: “The reassurance we have had from the port and authorities together with our own assessment of the situation has prompted the decision to start an operation again this morning.”

DFDS Seaways:

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