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Costa Rica:

costa ricaA land where adventure and waterfalls await you around every bend. Costa Rica really is an experience in paradise, with a mixture of modern amenities and natural beauty that allows you to relax or spend your stay exploring.


panamaOne of the few destinations that remains pure, with its wilderness and culture remaining unchanged by the oppressive globalisation, Panama allows you to experience an authentic mix of nature, culture and Latin American music and beliefs.


guatemalaA diverse country full of adventure and beauty that is home to the Maya. Guatemala is less than 2% urbanised in terms of the area of the country which means nature and all its volcanoes can be explored after admiring the Spanish architecture of the region.


belizeWhether you’re looking for a jungle adventure or a beach side holiday on the Caribbean Sea, Belize has you covered. Throughout the jungle are scattered the remnants of the Maya kingdom with stone temples and their intimidating stairs. The coast boasts an abundance of sea life and perfectly transparent water.


nicaraguaA perfectly shaped volcano quietly puffs away in the background while you travel across the lake on a ferry. This reasonably priced piece of paradise is the place to be for wildlife, dazzling beaches and undiscovered and mostly isolated coastlines.

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