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Best airports of 2015

As more and more people fly around the world, whether it be for business or for pleasure, our airports have changed into works of art providing everything your heart can desire. This year’s countdown of the five best airports in the world, as ranked by Skytrax, excites even those weary of travel. 


5 Tokyo International – Haneda

With international flights being handled by Narita airport until 2010, Haneda airport had to content itself with domestic flights for over 30 years. But with the opening of the international airport and the government’s encouragement for its use for premium business routes, Haneda has moved up from sixth place in 2014 to be placed as the fifth best airport in the world.

Passengers for the year 2014: 72 826 862


4 Hong Kong International

A unique airport located on an island of reclaimed land, Hong Kong International Airport is home to one of the world’s largest passenger terminal buildings. This airport, with its 66 boarding gates, remains the fourth best airport thanks to facilities like the SkyPlaza, a shopping mall providing shops, restaurant and entertainment.

Passengers for the year 2014: 63 148 379

hong kong

3 Munich Airport

Located in the capital of Bavaria, Munich Airport has two terminals connected by the Munich Airport Centre (MAC) which houses facilities for shopping, business and recreation, under a transparent tent-like roof. Munich airport caters to not only those boarding a plane, but to visitors and sightseers as well, with its Visitors Park. This viewing facility proposes restaurant, mini-golf and a display of historic aircrafts, allowing Munich Airport to remain the third best airport in the world.

Passengers for the year 2014: 39 700 515


2 Incheon International Airport

A golf course, spa, private sleeping rooms, ice skating rink, casino, indoor gardens plus a museum of Korean culture. It might not be obvious, but that is list of things available to passengers visiting Incheon International Airport. It may, however, be difficult to try all of them as departure and arrival at this airport take 19 and 12 minutes respectively, making this not only the second best airport in the world, but also the fastest.

Passengers for the year 2014: 41 679 758

incheon airport

1 Singapore Changi

And the number one spot goes to Singapore Changi Airport, and not for the first time, this airport has been in pole position since 2013. Singapore Changi managed to anticipate passenger needs and provide everything that can be desired, even if that means a playground with slides and inflated animals.

Passengers for the year 2014: 51 181 804


And at the other end of the list…the worst airports in the world:

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