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Baubax – The travel jacket to rule them all

Travelling is great, except for the actual part where you are in the plane for many more hours than you can handle, or while you are going through the security checks, or when you try to sleep. Actually why do we like travel? Because even with the weird sleeping position, the lack of personal space and we love exploring new places, going on adventures and seeing the world; and now thanks to a new Kickstarter project most of the problems associated with travel have been taken care of.


After only one week a little project on Kickstarter managed to gain the attention of everyone online. The initial goal of $20 000 might have seemed like a lot in the beginning, but the internet responded to the offer like a pack of wild animals and pushed the pledged over $3m, and it’s not finished yet!

The actual product is a travel jacket with 15 features or pockets. This means that going on a trip just became that much easier with a built in pillow, nine utility pockets, gloves, lens cleaning cloth, drink holder, eye mask, it’s a long list and that wasn’t even everything. This is a serious jacket and not only does it simplify your life, but it looks good too.


The jackets come in four different styles ranging from a sweatshirt to a blazer, with prices on launch, November 2015, starting at $160 for the sweatshirt. Backers through Kickstarter, however, will receive the jacket for as little as $89, a good deal and it’s still available on Kickstarter.

It’s here:

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