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Aussie “wedding cake” rock too famous for its own good

This well-known rock has been on the “to-do” for travellers for a while. Its unique shape, that earned it the name wedding cake rock or cheese rock, has made it a celebrity in Instagram and no real tourist visits the area without snapping a quick picture on the edge of the rock, which seems to have been cut by some sort of giant.


This exceptionally popular rock has been found unstable after a study, undertaken by the National Parks and Wildlife Service, showed that it could possible collapse within the next 10 years. Normally these types of geotechnical assessment result in vague results stating that something might happen, sometime within the next millennium. Not this time.

After the collapse of the London Bridge rock in 1990, due to its popularity and the number of visitors, we seem to have learned nothing. Hopefully this time no one will be on the rock when it collapses.

To this end a plan on the way which would allow visits to get up close to the rock without endangering its position or themselves. One option that is being considered is a board-walk and viewing platform that lets tourists to see this one of a kind white rock, but in safety.

Wedding Cake Rock, Royal National Park

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