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tokyoA bubbling, innovative and futuristic capital with more than 13 million inhabitants, Tokyo offers a unique, out of this world experience. With its mixture of old and new, the city makes space for both skyscrapers and ancient traditions.


indiaThe Capital of India is situated on the Indo-Gangetic Plain, the city belongs to the state of Delhi which is divided in two, with the affluent New Delhi on one side and the significantly poorer Old Delhi on the other.


thailandWith its hectic capital full of contrasts, Thailand is a culturally rich country with beaches, temples and sanctuaries. After busy days and night soaking up the local culture nothing goes down quite as well as a Thai massage.


chinaWith a breath-taking mix of old and new, China allows you to spend the day among the terracotta army near Xi’an, return to a modern city travelling through the mountains of Guilin. That is, if you’re not too busy hiking along the great wall or playing with pandas.

South Korea:

south koreaGetting to South Korea allows you to walk through Seoul and its amazing airport. But its not just this buzzing city that needs to be seen. Off to the south east lies Busan, with its forest covered mountains and sandy beaches; absolutely amazing.

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