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South Africa:

south africaA country full of natural beauty and a mix of cultures that resulted in it being known as the rainbow nation. The countries history involves the English, the Dutch and many more with architectural and cultural references cropping up at every turn.


Lands of Taourirt - eastern MoroccoAn extremely diverse country in North Africa with a high mountains and long coastline from the Atlantic to the Mediterranean Sea. Whether wandering thedesert or relaxing on the beach the mix of new and old provides enough culture and history to fill both your days and nights.


egyptPyramids and sphinxes, the Nile river and an amazing coastline, this is a country with an intriguing history and man-made wonders that allows you travel back in time to the time of the Pharos while exploring the desert on the back of a camel.


tunisiaThis relatively small slice of the African continent manages to pack enough history and culture into every corner that it rivals those significantly larger. Theres fun in the sun on the Mediteranen coastline with fresh fish platters and lakes and forests full of flamingos and hidden treasures waiting to be explored.


algeriaNot only the largest country in Africa, but also one of the most fascinating. The cities are a charming mix of modern and colonial architecture with natural beauty that takes your breath away as you gaze out over the vast Sahara.

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