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#1 beer drinking country, the Czech Republic

Separated from Slovakia on the 1st January 1993 and a former eastern block communist country, the Czech Republic has had an important boom in tourism in recent years.

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Impressive cultural heritage

With an impressive cultural heritage and good infrastructure it is no wonder why the Czech Republic has become a popular destination for tourists.

The wild beauty of Bohemia, the charm and history of Prague and the Baroque atmosphere prevailing in the country are the beginnings of the cultural and artistic country.

Commence your visit in the Czech capital Praha, also known as Prague.

To the west is the region of Bohemia, which makes up almost two thirds of the country in size, consisting of a large plateau surrounded by mountain ranges, a veritable paradise for nature lovers.czech-republic-pancavsky-vodopad

Old or new?

Built on the banks of the river Vltava, Prague is divided into two with the old town, Stare Mesto on the right side and the new city, Nové Mesto on the other side with Wenceslas Square.

In Prague you can discover the 1.7 hectares of the Old town, where you can see the past Bohemian and Baroque architectural traditions.

A must see is the old town hall, the palace and the St. Nicolas church of Our Lady before Tyn. Do not miss visiting the four largest museums in the capital that are the National Gallery, the Museum of Decorative Arts, the City Museum and the National Museum of Literature.

On the western bank of the river Vltava, you can admire the many gardens, palaces and baroque buildings in the district of Malá Strana. Continuing westward, lies the city of Plzeň where you will be able to taste the world famous Pilsner beer that is made in the region.

For accommodation is it strongly recommended to make reservations months in advance, especially for bookings in high season. For holidays in the Czech Republic visitors can generally choose a hotel in a bed and breakfast style, stay with a local, in a youth hostel, rent an apartment or even go camping.


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